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Our Story

Our Story​

Betr Resume came as an idea to Zane when building his platform Blueprint. Realizing and questioning why there isn't a "Smart Resume" that you can blast out to companies via a link, Zane reached out to Bjorn. Together they built and launched v1 of Betr Resume in 2022, after 2 weeks of sleepless nights. Betr Resume was designed to give you the freedom to create your resume how you want to, while still allowing you to generate the formal version of a resume with a single click. Your Resume just got a whole lot Betr.

"Y-our" Mission ​

2% of resumes make it past the first look. That means employees are submitting tens if not hundreds of resumes with no feedback. Our data tracking software allows employers to give real-time feedback and schedule interviews through the candidate's profile. Sifting through resumes just became a breeze and so has built them. Our goal is to give you the freedom to create and deploy a high-level resume in just minutes. Simply put, we don't believe you need a PHD to write a professional resume, just use Betr, it does it for you.

The Future

We believe the future of resumes is digital. Companies already look to social media as a hiring decision. We believe in creating an app so simple, anyone could use it... And most importantly benefit form using it. Welcome to the digital age. Ditch that boring old paper resume and get Betr.

Zane Laulainen


Zane, the man with a million ideas. With creativity and a massive vision for what the future looks like, Zanes definitely does not have the brains or looks, but certainly isn't afraid to go big.

Bjorn Beishline

Co-Founder CTO

Bjorn learned how to program and code at the ripe age of 8. At age 11, he built a social media app to use with his friends. At age 17 he was hired to work at a start-up construction tech company. Bjorn is the genius and brains behind the scenes.


Built For Employees, Loved By Employers

Betr Career, Betr Life

Build your first digital resume in minutes. Try Betr Resume 100% FREE


frequently asked questions

A resume is what you submit to employers when looking for a job. Think of it as a sales letter for yourself. 

Betr Resume is A application that allows you to create, build, and share a world class resume in minutes. It's so easy a monkey could use it. 

Betr Resume makes it extremely easy to build a world class resume. Not to mention, its easy to stand out from the crowd when your competition is stuck with old traditional resume's

Simply create a Betr Resume account and enter your information. Once you have completed, hit save and you have a ready-to-share resume in minutes. 

Betr Resume has a 100% free version that anyone can use. We also have paid versions that give you access to the learning center.