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Betr Resumes better careers

Betr Resumes better careers

Did you know that only 2% of resumes make it past the 1st round? This means, on average, you must submit 50 resumes to 50 companies to be brought in for one interview. It’s time to stick out from the crowd with Betr Resumes. 

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Higher Quality Resumes Higher Quality Careers

Resumes have been done the same way for a hundred years. With technology on the rise, we created the perfect resume update. Simply enter your information and send your world-class resume to employers in minutes.

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Building Your Future Just Got Easier

It’s more important to go after your dream career NOW… And Betr Resume is here to help. Stand out from your competition and wow employers with a world-class digital resume. 

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The Future Of Resumes Is Here

With technology on the rise, standard resumes just don’t make sense anymore. Everything is going digital and so are resumes. With Betr Resumes you have the ability to share your online profile with businesses, and they can view, decide, and set up an interview with you, all inside your online resume profile. We even show you how long they viewed it for, so you know how to improve. Standing out from the competition becomes a breeze, and building a Betr resume just got a whole lot easier.


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A resume is what you submit to employers when looking for a job. Think of it as a sales letter for yourself. 

Betr Resume is A application that allows you to create, build, and share a world class resume in minutes. It's so easy a monkey could use it. 

Betr Resume makes it extremely easy to build a world class resume. Not to mention, its easy to stand out from the crowd when your competition is stuck with old traditional resume's

Simply create a Betr Resume account and enter your information. Once you have completed, hit save and you have a ready-to-share resume in minutes. 

Betr Resume has a 100% free version that anyone can use. We also have paid versions that give you access to the learning center.